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Zion Canyon, Treasure of the Gods. The legend says the people emerged through a hole in the Mother Earth. It is the place of beginning. It calls, and we must come. To the native people, Zion Canyon is the creation of the great spirit; the center of a mystic land. With water, wind and time, they carve their treasures from the stones laid down across a million years. The legend says the earth was created when the sky was shattered by the light. No one can escape the display of geologic history, nor can they resist the spiritual power of this place. Welcome to Mukuntuweap, the place known as the Treasure of the Gods. Welcome to Zion. This transcendent expanse, filled with its brilliant light and shadows, primeval energy, and the whispers of the ancient ones, calls to us. We answer their call and share our Infinite Love, Joyful Healing, Inner Peace and Radiant Energy with you. This is a place of new beginnings. Where great intention is embodied in a sacred space filled with healing touch, wisdom, and kindness. Discover a safe setting to open, heal, and allow an awakening of your soul within enlightened states of being. This is The Spa at Cable Mountain Lodge. Welcome to our home. We open our doors to you and ask, “How do you want to feel?” We create transformative experiences with honor and respect. Do you need to Recover from outdoor adventures? Relax and take a deep breath? Or Rejuvenate and feel uplifted? What does your body and soul long for? Let us know. Open your heart. Speak your truth. We who are here reverently greet you and invite you to share the mysteries of this sacred, beautiful, place.