Spa Policies & FAQ


We have implemented safety measures to better serve our guests and their overall well being, while creating an atmosphere that is both healing and relaxing. We require staff and guests to wear masks in the facility and while receiving treatments in addition to practicing social distancing when possible. We are also checking each guest’s temperature and asking a series of questions pertaining to Coronavirus upon arrival for the safety of our guests and personnel. 

After careful consideration, we are not able to offer our whirlpool and steam room amenities; however, we are offering the use of our showers for guests who reserve treatments and our relaxation room to unwind and take time for self care. We are no longer offering day passes for the use of our spa amenities. We acknowledge the inconvenience this may cause while we do our best to create memorable experiences in the safest setting possible.


Please arrive at the Spa 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. This allows us time to welcome you to our Spa through Covid awareness, check in with guest services to familiarize yourself with our facility and begin your treatment on time. We recommend showering prior to our treatment. This allows you to feel refreshed and helps with the efficacy of products used in your treatment. 


Spa Facility Hours: 10:30 a.m – 7:30 p.m.

Treatment Hours: 11 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.


Due to Covid-19 precautions and to safely manage each guest experience, we are not utilizing our online services to reserve treatments at this time. The best way to reserve your appointment is to call us at 435.619.8300.


As a courtesy to other guests and to our staff, please advise us 24 hours in advance if you need to change or cancel your appointment.   We will do our best to fill your appointment time with another reservation. If we do so, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.  

If cancellation is made less than 24 hours in advance of the treatment time and we are unable to fill your appointment time with another guest, you will be charged 100% of the scheduled service fee.

We want you or someone else to enjoy the time that has been set aside in the schedule for you.  Please let us know if you are not able to keep your appointment. No show appointments will be charged in full.


The Spa facility is accessible for guests 18 years and older.  Locker rooms, steam rooms, whirlpools, and shower areas are clothing optional and for adult use only.

Guests ages 13 – 18 may enter the spa, accompanied by an adult, through a private entrance that avoids the clothing optional spa areas.  Please let us know if a treatment is being booked for a young adult guest. We will be happy to accommodate you while maintaining the comfort and privacy of all guests.

Treatments in a private treatment room are reserved for guests 18 years and older.  Social Spa Suite (non-private co-ed group) treatments are available to all guests ages 13 and older.


To create a peaceful environment for everyone, please silence your phones while at the spa.  For the privacy of all our guests, please refrain from taking photos in clothing optional areas.


We believe that gratuities are a way to show gratitude and acknowledgement toward the staff for an enjoyable experience.  We do not make this decision on your behalf. Therefore, there is no automatic gratuity or service charge added to the price of the treatment.  Gratuities for a job well done are at your discretion and are gratefully appreciated by the staff.


We will provide you with a locker, robe and sandals upon arrival.  

If you are receiving a clothed treatment, please arrive with a comfortable pair of shorts or leggings, a tank top or t-shirt (and sports bra for women).We recommend that you leave  jewelry and other valuables at home or in your guest room.  We purposely do not have pockets in robes so that you do not leave jewelry and other valuables in your robe.  

Fresh fruit and beverages are offered in the spa.  After departing the spa, snacks or other food items are conveniently located at the Market for sale within walking distance.


It’s a risk to combine alcohol, spa treatments, and heated areas such as steam rooms and whirlpools. Alcohol is not served in the spa nor allowed to be brought into the spa.  Please refrain from alcohol prior to your spa treatment.  



How do I prepare for my spa visit?

Please plan to check in 30 minutes prior to the start of your appointment.  This allows you time to relax and be on time without feeling rushed or stressed.  Your body and mind will relax more quickly during your treatment if you allow enough time to enjoy the spa prior to your treatment starting.

If you have a gender preference for your Massage Therapist, please let us know when you book your appointment.  All our Massage Therapists and Estheticians are licensed professionals trained in proper draping techniques for your privacy and comfort.

Please use the restroom before the start of your treatment.  Restrooms are located in the locker rooms and next to the relaxation lounge near the treatment rooms.

Communication is very important.  We want you to have a pleasant experience.  Please let us know at anytime, especially during your treatment, how we can adjust to make you more comfortable.

If you are not staying at Cable Mountain Lodge or on the shuttle route in Springdale, allow enough time to anticipate increased traffic and limited parking during the busy season.

Do I have to remove all clothing for spa treatments?

Disrobe to your personal level of comfort in the private treatment rooms.  Many guests will remove all clothing and are comfortable with the professional draping used in treatments.  Others prefer to leave their underwear or additional clothing on. Our goal is your comfort and privacy. 

Social Spa Suite treatments are in a co-ed group setting.  Please leave your robe or clothing on during these 30-minute treatments.

Can I ask the Massage Therapist or Esthetician to make adjustments?

Yes, please.  We prefer that you do.  The staff want you to have an enjoyable time at the spa.  If you give us insight into how to give you a more pleasant experience, we are glad to make adjustments.  Please let us know how to make your treatment more comfortable by communicating adjustments to room temperature, table temperature, music volume, pressure of the massage, technique, or if you need to use the restroom during your treatment.

What should I know about health concerns?

If you have any health concerns including heart conditions, recent or upcoming surgery, please consult your physician before receiving spa treatments or using heated areas such as the steam room or whirlpool.

Pregnancy – Please check with your physician and inform our staff about the stage of your pregnancy upon scheduling your appointments.  A pregnancy massage is available with a specially designed cushion for your comfort.